This privacy policy governs what DOOR LK is eligible of and not eligible of doing with the
information that you have provided to us in case of using the site and using the services by the
site. You accept this privacy policy by accessing the site directly or indirectly, signing up or using
its services. Information posted on DOOR.LK is publicly available. We may require to collect,
use and share personal information for the effective performance of the site and DOOR LK
respects your privacy in advance.

Collection and Use

We will use your information to provide you with an excellent service including, acknowledging
you with the services of the site, processing your orders and providing you with required
information as per your request.

We may reveal your related information to a third party where we are required to do so such as
in case of a delivery of an order, with your consent. Unless there is such a necessity to do so by
the law or unless where you require us to disclose your information, your privacy is secured and
we may not disclose your information to a third party without your prior consent. Other
information collected are used by us only for administrative purposes. It is your responsibility to
provide us with true and correct information and update us with any changes happened.


We have appropriate security tools and measures to safeguard your personal information
against unauthorized access, use and damage to them. Further, responsibility regarding
unauthorized access to your computer and passwords may lie upon you.


You, at any of the time have the right to request us to correct any of the inaccuracies that has
happened to your data. You also have the right to request us to prevent from being using your
personal data from direct marketing purposes.

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